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sling back couch  A comfortable modular couch with big ambitions and a small carbon footprint.

The upholstery industry provides us with a lot of comfy and warm furniture, but it comes with a dark side with some heavy carbon footprints and issues with pollution.

None of us believe in non-production as the answer to a better future – Therefore we have to come up with some strong alternatives in terms of new furniture with a much smaller carbon footprint.

As a designer, I can't change the direction all by myself. Only in union with the right manufacturer, can we be forerunners towards the solutions of tomorrow. The problem is complicated, but sometimes the answer to a complex question is simple.

To address the problems within the furniture industry and achieve a lighter carbon footprint, Sling Back Couch is based upon four simple principals:


A contemporary long-lasting relevance, achieved through a Scandinavian expression that utilizes a classic shape and natural materials.

The Sling Back couch can be flat packed, which means less CO2 used during shipping and distribution.

All the materials have been chosen for their minimal carbon footprint without compromising durability.

The couch’s design and manufacturing facilitates repair and/or updating and at the end of the couch’s lifecycle the varying materials can easily be sorted for recycling or reuse.



KUV project


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