At Format Design we believe in the power of a strong concept. Combined with a functional and beautiful form with focus on the human body, and environment. Our goal is to design relevant long lasting products. 

About: What we do:

Format design, provides a wide range of design services such as:

furniture- and product design, always with the relation to the human body as key aspect.

Spatial design with custom-made furniture, limited editions and one-off.


Consulting in terms of: research, branding, collection optimization, product development, color and material schemes and customer segmentation.


About: The design:

We always see our designs as objects that hast to be part of something bigger - as servant’s objects - sometimes the servant has to be a personal host with open arms and lots of personality. sometimes a servant has to be a modest practical person who wait for you where you left it..-

No matter what, our design has to be:  esthetic, self explaining and comfortable, and honest in both materials and hove it is made.

We are proud of our Danish design heritage and take part of it with a will to push the design evolution further in a responsible and still joyful way.

At the studio we believe that the world does not need more products – but better products.



About: The design process:

We always use a big effort to understand a costumers need or a project down to the smallest detail – since we believe a big part of the answer lies in the question itself.

We often insist of being part of the process from the early beginning to the day the product or process loses its relevance on the market – simply to learn, understand and take responsibility.

We never stop asking questions in the making – in the eager of getting the best end result - and we always use all our knowledge and experiences from craft, construction and materials as a respectful subsidy to the production.

We love to be a part of our client’s success - and will always walk an extra mile to make it happen.

During the process we keep an open and structured work process and all together;


-That is what’s make Format Design to a reliable design partner.

For further information please contact :

About: Thomas E. Alken MDd

– designer and head of Format design

Thomas E. Alken MDd was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1970.

He graduated from the Danish Design School (KADK) in 1997, with additional studies from The University of Art and Design in Helsinki (UIAH)


In 1997 he founded the design studio Format design in the heart of Copenhagen, with the aim of providing dedicated furniture- and product design as well as design advisory for Danish and international clients.


Thomas E. Alken quickly became a significant player on the design scene and since he always insisted on taking part on every step in the design process, he gather a lot of design- and productions experience from all over the world.


“The broadness of my profession will always be something I highly appreciate – one day I find myself in a fancy showroom in the north of Italy – the next on factory floor in the south og Vietnam – and there is always useful knowledge to transfer from one day to the next”


Over the past 20 years Thomas E. Alken has established a good position - at the Scandinavian design scene – with a long numbers of successful designs and tasks behind. Continuing to investigate the interaction between user and object. An interaction based upon a deep understanding of the use situation and a material focus in relation to beauty, strength, tactility, production and environmental impact.



Today the studio works with high-end as well as midrange brands in Denmark and abroad, and always with the aim to create “best-off” solution – witch makes a standard easy to understand for both clients as well as the end users.





Over the years Thomas E. Alken also spend time and contemplation on design groups and professional organizations. Here just to mention a few:


Since 2017 Thomas E. Alken has been associated as expert judge at The Maritime and Commercial High Court

Since 2018 Member of the board at Danish Design Makers DDM

Since 2017 Head of the Profesional Advisory Commmittee of Design denmark MDd

Since 2016 Member of the Danish Design Makers DDM

Since 2007 Associate lector at the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture, Design and Conservation KADK

Since 2007 Member of the Professional Advisory Committee of Danish Designers mDD today MDd

From 2005 till 2012 Head of the board of The Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition “SE”.

From 2001 till 2014 Member of the board of The Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition “SE”.



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