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ribbon serie

Inspired by the festive nature of ribbons - they are ever-present on gifts and at parties and always seem to herald good things to come.

Designers Alken & Bengtsson used smooth "ribbons" of black, powder-coated stainless steel to create pieces that cradle a range of candles, from tea lights to tapers and thick pillar candles.

The dark metal resembles wrought iron; a coal-coloured tribute to nature's most sophisticated elements. Ribbons Black Edition is versatile; meant for indoor or outdoor use, the swirling black pieces stand out beautifully against a backdrop of white snow or green grass.

There is something classically nordic about the scene they create. With the smooth bands, circling seamlessly with no beginning or end.

Ribbons are a beautiful way to light up the house, especially at Christmas - but their dark beauty resonates all year round.

Measurements: Ø: 207 mm. H: 150 mm.

In collaboration with Nygårds Maria Bengtsson.


Georg Jensen,




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